10 Beaded Bracelets to Perk Up Any Outfit

Up your accessories game with low-key jewelry from David Yurman, Isaia and more.

Beaded bracelets by Luis Morais Mr Porter

For as much time as some guys spend focusing on their outfits, jewelry is one element that’s often overlooked. Sure, your watch looks perfectly nice by itself but the simple addition of a bracelet (or three) can turn your wrist into an outfit-making feature. Think of jewelry as you would neckties or pocket squares—a hint of color and texture to spice up one’s usual uniform.

While bracelets come in many variations, a beaded strand is one of the easiest to adopt. Because of their inherently bohemian appearance, beads never run the risk of looking flashy. And that laidback attitude can tone down some of the stiffness of a suit and a serious timepiece. Worn beside a grand complication, a beaded bracelet telegraphs that you know your stuff but don’t take yourself too seriously.

However you decide to wear one, it’s wise to have a distinctive bracelet in your accessories arsenal. Or, even better, build a collection you can layer. To help with that, here are ten of our favorites you can buy right now.

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