Laptop Eye Strain? Garrett Leight’s New Blue Light-Blocking Lenses Could Be a Solution

It's a useful feature with more time being spent in front of screens.

Garrett Leight blue light lenses Courtesy of Garrett Leight

In a world rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, self-isolating, social distancing and quarantining all lead to a lot more time staring at screens. Luckily, Garrett Leight is now offering new lenses online that can make all the extra hours spent on your computer and phone a little easier on your eyes.

Called Blue Light Lenses, the lenses look like any other, but, as their name suggests, they specifically filter out the infamous blue light emitted by screens that can cause everything from sleep disruption to general eye fatigue. Developed in partnership with lens manufacturer ZEISS, the blue-light-blocking coating can be applied to any style of lens. That means even your standby Garrett Leight frames can get the upgrade. And because it’s completely clear, the coating won’t do anything to change the aesthetic of your favorite pair.

Also referred to as HEV or high-energy visible light, blue light can, according to the brand, penetrate deeply into the eye where it can cause changes that can cause everything from eye strain to sleeplessness. Popular awareness of the issue is also responsible for the rise in orange glasses or goggles some have started wearing, especially before bed, to combat blue light’s effects.

The new Zeiss coating attunes all blue light coming into the eye to the friendly zone of 380 to 450 nm, a beneficial range that can used to treat winter depression and insomnia. It’s also conveniently easy to clean so they can be worn all day long. If you’re interested in trying them out, you can add Blue Light Lenses to any Garrett Leight frames, sun or optical, for an additional $80.


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