Vintage is the New Sunglasses Trend to Follow—Just Ask Maui Jim, Persol, and Vuarnet

Drawing on years of history, these three brands have revived some of their best designs from decades past.

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Whether we’re talking watches or other accessories, there’s no denying that vintage is back in a big way. Not ones to be left behind, it turns out that Persol, Maui Jim and Vuarnet have turned to their archives for 2017, bringing to market a slew of “new” styles deeply rooted in the classics.


Using simple wire-rimmed frames, acetate half-frames, and a smattering of tortoiseshell for good measure, each brand has a few tricks up their sleeves that set them apart from the pack. Boomers and ‘80s babies alike will find themselves feeling nostalgic as they peruse these new shades.

 Maui Jim Sunglasses


Maui Jim Vintage Collection

With styles dating back to the ‘90s (and even earlier), what sets Maui Jim’s Vintage Collection (from $129) apart is the fact that these are not recreations at all. The brand has been sitting on a stockpile of old frames and lenses from back in the day, and with vintage being all the rage, the 12-style collection is back in stock through the end of 2017.

Persol 100th Anniversary Sunglasses

Photo: Persol


Persol is celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2017, commemorated by the unveiling of a special edition of their 9649 tortoiseshell Pilot frames ($2,770) featuring solid gold arrows on their temples. If you aren’t able to acquire one of the 200 pairs being produced, not to worry—Persol’s Icons Collection includes an assortment of vintage frame designs from years past.

Vuarnet Sunglasses



Vuarnet’s double brow bar shades found significant favor in the ‘80s, and have been seeing an impressive resurgence as vintage design has fallen back in favor. Their Edge collection (from $320) hit the ‘80s vibe out of the park, whereas collections like Cable Car (from $290) and the Glacier Limited Edition 1957 ($600) draw roots from a few more decades past.

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