Métier London’s New Duffle Bag May Be the Last One You Ever Buy

It has pockets for days and is built to last a lifetime.

Métier London's Vagabond Duffle Bag Joshua Scott

Luggage does odd things to some of us. Finding the one bag to rule them all can become a lifetime’s pursuit. It was just such a mission that prompted designer Melissa Morris to create Métier London, a boutique luxury label offering the highest-quality bag—with a natty storage solution: a wallet (sold separately) for your essentials that clips in and out, so you always have what you need with you.

The idea came from a common problem that she, all her friends and almost certainly you encounter on regular international commutes and excursions—the ‘where did I put X’ conundrum. Her bag was forever full of pouches, wallets and clips that tried in vain to contain the usual litany of adaptors, leads, chargers, phones, iPads, magazines, gum, cards, keys, passport and other elevated detritus that we all must carry with us constantly. She felt that there must be a more practical and sophisticated way forward. “Elegant solutions to modern problems,” as Morris says, elegantly.

Métier London's Vagabond Duffle Bag

Métier London’s Vagabond Duffle Bag.  Joshua Scott

This season the label (formerly ill-advisedly named LONB, or Love or Nothing Baby) has taken its best offering, a day bag called the Vagabond which ages and softens with a particularly pleasing patina, and expanded it into a beautifully tactile and wildly chic weekender, the Vagabond Duffle ($3,350). We particularly like the iteration in what Metier terms Marrakech suede that will soon be a welcome sight in the trunk of the Porsche at weekends (curiously the metal clips that secure the wallet, or “runaway” as Metier calls it, into your bag with a satisfying clunk were designed to replicate the sound of a vintage Porsche door closing). The Duffle has pockets for days, some of them secret, and is built to last a lifetime. That might just be pursuit completed.

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