Montblanc Writes a New Chapter with Its Pen Designed by Marc Newson

The Montblanc M marks the first collaboration for the design house…

For the first time in its 109-year history, Germany’s penultimate pen manufacturer Montblanc has partnered with an artist outside its maison—a collaboration with innovative designer Marc Newson for the Montblanc M. Born from Newson’s biomorphic design approach that eschews sharp, angular edges for more natural curves, the polished black resin pen only breaks from Newson’s expected nomenclature at the barrel end, where it plateaus in profile. The even plane—milled by a diamond bit—provides a canvas for the company’s contrasting emblem (a rounded star representative of its namesake peak) that is ultrasonically welded in white resin. A magnet and snap mechanism ensure complete and seamless closure of the platinum-clipped cap and barrel, and Montblanc’s ruthenium-plated forepart—eponymously engraved—gives signature balance when in use. In another first for the firm, the AU585 gold nib (a limited number will be inscribed with Newson’s initials) is plated in two tones: rhodium and ruthenium.

Along with the standard selection of delivery systems that include a fountain pen (with an Artfineliner nib for technical drawing), a roller ball, and a ballpoint, the Montblanc M will also be available in a ScreenWriter format for touchscreen scribing. Unlike one of Newson’s noted Lockheed Lounge chairs, however, which sold for more than $3.7 million at auction in April, the Montblanc M will start at $400. Its release is inked for September. (montblanc.com)

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