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Robb Recommends: Morgenthal Frederics New Glasses Can Help You Focus in More Ways Than One

Effective color therapy, built into a lightweight, great-looking package.

Morgenthal Frederics' new Chromaclear line promises to make you feel better, more relaxed and more productive. Morgenthal Frederics
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Given the countless demands on our attention right now, you could be forgiven for finding it hard to focus, relax or rise to the demands of particularly challenging emotional situations. And among the small economy of products and services that have sprung up over the past several years to deal with our collective inability to concentrate, perhaps the most stylish is a new line of glasses from Morgenthal Frederics.

Morgenthal Frederics new Chromaclear line

Morgenthal Frederics

The eyewear brand’s new Chromoclear line features a selection of smart shapes fitted with ZEISS BioChrom™  lenses; each shade was selected based on clinical research into how light and color can affect people’s brainwave activity. The rose-colored “Invigorate” lenses, for example, are billed as being able to help you mentally prepare for a difficult situation. Blue “Refresh” lenses are said to help wearers recharge after a grueling workout. The green “Relax” shades can help migraine sufferers and others wind down at the end of a long day. Right now, as I’m writing this post, I’m wearing the yellow “Focus” shades, which the company says can help with concentration and reaction time, and may boost productivity. Each pair retails for $395.

Do they work? Morgenthal Frederics is very careful to point out that these glasses aren’t FDA-sanctioned medical devices, and that researchers found that light and color therapy doesn’t have the exact same impact on everyone who tries it. What I can tell you is that while I didn’t get much out of the “Invigorate” lenses, I did get a lot more done while wearing the “Focus” shades. They made answering emails and addressing big edits somehow more manageable, and they definitely increased how quickly I read through the many articles that appear on this site every day. I didn’t feel like a superhero, but I did notice a marked improvement in my ability to take in and process loads of information. And they look pretty good, too.


Morgenthal Frederics new Chromaclear line

Morgenthal Frederics

Perhaps their best aspect is that the frames, made from an acetate that’s derived from cotton and wood fibers, are entirely biodegradable. Should you ever tire of them, you can add them to your compost bin, or bury them in the backyard, and they’ll disappear without a trace within 90 days.

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