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Robb Recommends: Bennett Winch’s New Cargo Bags Can Stand Up to Your Weekend Adventures

The British brand's new range elegantly transports the messy stuff.

A set of Bennett Winch cargo bags loading up for a weekend trip. Bennett Winch

Welcome to Robb Recommends, a regular series in which we suggest something our editors think might just change your life for the better. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

Most bags these days have lofty ambitions—marketed as essential elements of a sophisticated, elegant lifestyle—so it’s curious to find one that doesn’t. The Cargo range from independent British label Bennett Winch is nicely put-together yet decidedly unglamorous, unapologetically designed for grunt work: transporting whatever you require moving to and from the beach house/mountain lodge/university or in and out of cars on a road trip. Italian waterproof nylon, military-grade webbing, Tuscan leather trims and brass hardware combine on a kit bag that won’t flinch from rough conditions or rougher treatment.

The smallest of the three has a capacity of 50 liters, good for a weekend, while the largest, at 125 liters, could comfortably transport an elephant. In our packing test, that equates to enough for a two-week adventure: five pairs of trousers, five sweaters, boots, sneakers, shirts, underwear, wash bag, etc. There’s a removable waterproof pouch for dirty laundry or laptops and cables, and a discreet pocket on the outside for phones or keys. Once emptied, they pack flat for storage. It may well suit your sophisticated, elegant lifestyle—but it’ll be just as happy with your busy, hectic and occasionally filthy one, too.

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The three sizes lined up.

Bennett Winch


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