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Robb Recommends: The Card Case With Room for Everything You Need—and Want—to Put in Your Wallet

Looking for a new wallet? Look no further.

Ettinger Visiting Card Case Ettinger
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Wallets, thank goodness, are getting bigger again.

That’s thanks in no small part to the preponderance of wider trousers at all points of the men’s fashion spectrum. Now that pleats and volume are in, slim and skinny jeans are falling by the wayside—which means guys who want to stay on or somewhere near the trendline don’t have to respect the confines of teeny card carriers. The battle of the pocket bulge is over, and we can all carry normal amounts of stuff in normal-sized wallets once again.

Ettinger Visiting Card Case


This may help explain why I’ve seen so many of Ettinger’s Visiting Card Cases over the past several months. Don’t let its name fool you: Even though it’s designed as a way to tote your own business cards and ones you may collect from colleagues, it’s an ideal wallet. It features three slots for credit cards and an accordion pocket that’s generous enough to hold a bit of cash.

I’ve been using one as a daily wallet for at least a year, but the British heritage brand that makes them offers them in a variety of colors—and gives customers the ability to order one in a custom colorway. Mine is black on the outside and purple on the interior, but I’ve seen stylish guys on two continents using them in an array of fabrications, from the smart versions cut from bridle leather to a particularly fancy one embossed with a crocodile pattern.

The wallets range in price based on material, but no matter which one you choose, it’ll hold all of your essential cards with ease—and room to spare, too.


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