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With Its Own WiFi and Built-in Desk, Samsara’s New Smart Suitcase Is a Workstation on Wheels

It was only a matter of time.

Samsara’s next generation of smart luggage is ready for take off, shown here in polycarbonate yellow. New tech features includes GPS and Bluetooth 5.1 tracking and Wi-Fi Hotspot. Now available for pre-order. Samsara Luggage Inc

Patchy WiFi is the bane of any businessman’s existence. Thankfully, Samsara’s new smart suitcase aims to keep you connected no matter where you are.

Unveiled at CES last week, the next-gen luggage is the first suitcase in the world to feature innovative technology that provides travelers with access to a secured WiFi network while they’re on the road (sometimes literally). In short, the case serves as fully mobile hotspot. Samsara partnered with cellular provider Monogoto to enable the new feature. After purchasing the suitcase, customers simply subscribe to Monogoto at a preferred rate and can immediately start surfing the net.

In addition to connectivity, the smartcase boasts a spate of other breakthroughs, including an IoT tracking system that utilizes GPS and Bluetooth technology to give travelers the exact location of their carry-on, plus a portable and removable wireless charging dock which can juice up all kinds of smartphones and laptops. The Samsara phone app sends real-time notifications to customers when the suitcase is moving too far away or has been opened, and the case even has a portable desk built-in.

“As part of the company’s continued efforts to create an effortless travel experience, we brought together exclusive tech features with an enhanced design to show our customers a better way to travel,” co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage Atara Dzikowski said in a press release.

Smart or not, the suitcase is, of course, still compliant with US airline regulations and can be made dumb in a snap if need be.


The Samsara Next Generation will be available in 23 inches—the maximum size for US carry-on—and 21 inches for international travel. The cases can be finished in either durable polycarbonate or lightweight aluminum and come in three colors (black, yellow and grey). The suitcase will cost $199 without the hotspot feature or $279 with it (a no-brainer if you ask us). If you can’t wait for the next holiday traveling season to buy new luggage, you can pre-order a case via the Samsara website.

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