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Robb Recommends: Tom Brady’s Sustainable, Blue-Light Blocking Eyewear Soothes WFH Strain

The quarterback's collaboration with Danish brand Christopher Cloos also features a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Tom Brady in sunglasses from his collaboration with Christopher Cloos. Kevin O'Brien
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Is there anything Tom Brady isn’t good at? Not only is he the winner of more Super Bowls than any other athlete in history and, by all accounts, a standup guy, but he also has impeccable style. The man is an all-around GOAT.

He’s loaned his Midas touch to a new collection of eyewear, produced in collaboration with Danish brand Christopher Cloos. This being Brady, it should come as no surprise that the results are winning. The streamlined, softly squared lenses are about as timeless as specs get—an accurate reflection of Brady’s clean-cut look. The proportions are pretty universally flattering, while a slightly higher bridge cuts a stronger, more distinctive figure. Moreover, they’re good for the planet and, in some cases, actually good for you.

Tom Brady models sunglasses from his collaboration with Christopher Cloos.

Kevin O'Brien

The entire collection, which includes an optical and a sunglass model in six colors, is crafted from 100 percent certified biodegradable acetate. While the term biodegradable isn’t typically synonymous with great fashion, these shades prove the two needn’t be mutually exclusive. The material is sourced from the Italian firm Mazzucchelli, which has been a leading supplier of acetate since 1849. It’s produced from naturally-derived cellulose and—most importantly—has the same glossy look and sturdy feel as the phthalate-laden standard.

Christopher Cloos (which, legend has it, is named after a rakishly attired bon vivant the founders met on a beach in the south of France) first connected with Brady before the pandemic. During the design process, Brady made it clear that he wanted the glasses to promote sustainability as well as personal wellbeing. On the latter front, all of the optical models are equipped with blue light blocking lenses, filtering out wavelengths that cause eye strain and, some studies show, can disrupt sleep cycles and eventually lead to retinal damage.


Tom Brady models eyeglasses from his collaboration with Christopher Cloos.

Kevin O'Brien

I’d never taken a stance on blue light lenses—the science sounds logical enough, but I never felt moved to invest in specialty glasses. But having worn the Cloos x Brady frames for several days of peering into my laptop while working from home, I must say I haven’t felt my usual late afternoon malaise. The very slightly tinted lenses (which appear clear to the naked eye) seem to do an effective job of counteracting the inevitable wear of staring at a screen all day.

The blue light blocking eyeglasses from Close x Brady

Kevin O'Brien

Handsome as the sunglasses are, the blue light-blocking opticals are the real standout of this collaboration. They’re everything one wants in glasses of this ilk: understated, versatile, comfortable and, at $179, not much of an investment. They’re not the finest specs money can buy but, particularly for blue light blockers, why would you want to splurge? In any case, their refined look belies the relatively small price tag. I will admit I’ve taken to wearing the frames even when away from my computer—they really are quite fetching. And as I won’t be partaking in the TB12 diet or training with the Buccaneers anytime soon, if these glasses can offer me one iota of Brady’s competitive edge, I consider them the smartest accessory in my arsenal.

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