2009 Luxury Preview: Lighter, Brighter Zegna

For nearly a century, Ermenegildo Zegna has pioneered proprietary fabrics and technologies that have redefined modern menswear. In 2006, Zegna Sport debuted the iJacket, which boasts a built-in touch-control panel made from sandwiched layers of conductive carbon-coated nylon, enabling the wearer to interface with his iPod simply by touching his sleeve. For fall 2008, the design house unveiled the Solar Ski Jacket; its solar-cell-filled neoprene collar charges the wearer’s personal electronics while he is on the slopes. Zegna’s latest advance for spring 2009 is the $845 Freeway Jacket. The garment’s super lightweight, breathable, waterproof Microtene fabric keeps the body temperature constant in all weather conditions. But comfort and functionality are not the jacket’s only advantages: An LED system in the collar lights up in the dark to ensure that the wearer remains visible when traveling at night—hence the name.


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