2010 Luxury Preview: Fit for the Task

Photo by Toni Campo

If Umberto Angeloni has his way, your wardrobe will soon be better suited to your profession or pastime. The former chief executive of the Italian fashion house Brioni is the mastermind behind Uman, a Milan-based brand of suits and other apparel set to launch in spring 2010. In addition to its Lounge series of custom suits—which will be adapted from a computer-generated pattern (based on more than 300,000 body scans) that Angeloni says yields “a more perfectly and properly proportioned garment”—Uman will offer Pleasure Jackets tailored for pleasing pursuits. A chef, for instance, might request a jacket with deep pockets for cooking utensils; a golfer’s jacket might be made of stretch cotton; a gardener’s coat could blend silk tweed and linen. Each Pleasure Jacket will be made to order, whether you choose to build on one of Uman’s three basic styles (more are forthcoming, according to the company) or create your own. The jackets will start at $1,800, suits at $2,400.


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