21 Ultimate Gifts: The Whole Nine Yards

Relying on his three decades of experience as a menswear designer and wardrobe consultant, Alan Flusser will transform you into a candidate for the world’s Best Dressed list. This two- to three-week shopping excursion begins with a consultation and wardrobe analysis with Flusser at the Alan Flusser Custom shop in New York, followed immediately by a visit to A. R. Trapp, his favorite eyewear maker. You and Flusser then will board a Gulfstream II bound for the first stops on the European itinerary: the textile mills in the United Kingdom and Italy where you will select the cashmeres, cottons, and wools that will form the basis of your new wardrobe. Flusser’s team of tailors will later fashion the cloths into 10 suits, 10 sport coats, 36 shirts, 10 pairs of trousers, three dinner jackets, and three topcoats. Flusser also will arrange fittings throughout Europe for a variety of outfits: dressing gowns in Venice; shooting clothes and Tyrolean hats in Vienna; silk ties and pajamas in Como, Italy; and cashmere cardigans in Paris. While in Paris, you will meet with an engraver and commission metal blazer buttons displaying your custom design.

The ensemble you receive will include 50 neckties, six pairs of pajamas, three leather jackets, two robes, two hats, one raincoat, umbrellas, an assortment of small leather goods, a selection of cuff links, and monogrammed linen pocket squares. English cobbler Edward Green will complete your wardrobe with a dozen pairs of bespoke shoes, along with monogrammed shoe bags and shoe trees.


In addition, Flusser will design, program, and direct the installation in your home of a computerized dressing closet, which will be capable of suggesting complete outfits. A total of 50 mahogany hangers, featuring your initials monogrammed on mother-of-pearl shields, will come with the closet. Should you find yourself needing Flusser’s sartorial wisdom, the dressing closet will contain a compartment that houses signed first editions of his four books on style and shopping, including his latest, Dressing the Man (HarperCollins, 2002).


Price: Starting at $1 million. Contact: Alan Flusser Custom, 212.888.4500, mark_rykken@alanflussercustom.com. This gift is limited to one Robb Report reader, but for an additional fee, the clothing and the computerized dressing closet can be duplicated for secondary residences. Allow at least four months for delivery of the clothing and completion of the closet.


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