Adorn Your Feet with Socks Woven from the World’s Finest Fibers

William Abraham's line of socks offer unparalleled comfort and style...

The New York brand William Abraham is taking a sartorial approach to the world of men’s footwear with its befitted sock collection. “I was passionate about fashion and couldn’t find socks that were fitting of a tailored wardrobe,” says Bram Frankel, the company’s founder, who spent years researching the art of sock making before launching his brand in February 2014.

Each pair of carefully crafted socks are made from world-class fibers, including cashmere, merino wool, Belize cotton, Fil d’Ecosse cotton, mulberry silk, and incredibly rare fibers like vicuña (an extremely soft wool that helps make the socks thinner and softer) and Cervelt—a 13-micron, natural down fiber sourced from New Zealand red deer that is one of the scarcest, most durable fibers in the world. While most socks are knit in needle counts of less than 200, William Abraham socks are knit with 240, resulting in a much more refined end result. The Italian-made socks are made from 100-percent natural yarn, which creates a softer, more breathable fabric that fits like a glove.


William Abraham offers five unique collections to fit any aesthetic or occasion: Rake (patterned socks available in rich colors), Classic (solid-colored, rib- and flat-knit styles), Atelier (innovative socks made with unique, new knitting techniques), Limited (sourced from the rarest of fibers), and Kicks (casual and playful socks that pair well with loafers, boots, or sneakers).

Well-heeled men will want to buy a pair (or two) of these socks, which retail for $58 to $120. Styles in the Limited collection sell for $425 (vicuña) and $1,275 (Cervelt) a pair. (williamabraham.com)

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