Advice from Eton on Standout Shirting for Spring-Summer

Most businessmen have at least a dozen dress shirts, and some even admit to having more than 100. But, when it comes to putting their shirts, ties, and suits together, some men are at a loss. Shirt expert Sebastian Dollinger, the head of design at Swedish shirting brand Eton, offers some practical advice on how men can integrate more progressive shirting into their wardrobes.

RR: How can men wear playful patterns yet still look professional?

SD: Go for the bold shirt, but subdue it by pairing it with a solid tie and a classic suit; let the shirt be the accent piece. We have a dark blue, brown, red, and white paisley shirt, for instance, that pairs well with a standard navy suit and solid navy silk tie.

RR: What is the best shirt to own this summer to transition from business to casual?

SD: The denim shirt with an extreme cutaway collar. A button-down can easily become casual, but the extreme cutaway collar dresses it up and makes it more sartorial. It is perfect for that the warm summer day, when you want to just pull off your tie and sit outside for a drink after work, because it sits really well when it is open; it looks just as good without a tie as it does with a tie.

RR: Any advice for the men shopping for spring?

SD: Don’t be afraid to be daring with color. My objective with this collection was to give men the ability to find that sartorial look in alternative patterns and in just about any color combination. Even if it is green, red, and purple, men can find options that they’ll feel comfortable with and look stylish wearing.

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