An Ornamental Olfactory Experience

The new fragrance from the House of Sillage is making a statement as much with the fragrance as with its glittering limited-edition bottle, which is covered in 491 fully faceted Swarovski crystals, each of which has been placed by hand in the shape of an incandescent crown, indicative of the scent’s name, Tiara. There are just 400 bottles worldwide ($1,200 each).

House of Sillage, which is based in Corona del Mar, Calif., worked with manufacturers in France to incorporate essential oils and other rare ingredients such as Bulgarian rose oil, peony, and Virginian cedar oil. There are notes of Calabrian green tangerine and Sri Lankan cinnamon; and undertones of Madagascan vanilla, musk, and amber make for a warm finish. The royal packaging was designed to portray a regal aura for the unique scent contained within. (877.399.7122, www.houseofsillage.com)

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