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At Your Service

David Watson, Saks Fifth Avenue Club

The ability to deliver instant gratification is essential when working with men, says David Watson. To meet clients’ immediate demands, he often relies on the close relationships he has formed throughout the clothing industry. He once borrowed sample garments from the nearby Kiton sales office because a gentleman wished to try on some Kiton pieces in a 44 long—a size not in stock. “Unlike women, who plan months in advance, men call only when they need it,” Watson says. “They literally wait until they’re standing on a train platform, freezing, before they say to themselves, ‘I need a new overcoat.’ ”

Saks Fifth Avenue Club for Men, 212.940.4056, www.saksfifthavenue.com


Suzanne De Lisi, Paul Stuart

Suzanne De Lisi—a former opera singer, concert pianist, and writer—considers her Paul Stuart clients part of her inner circle. “It’s important to understand the client’s lifestyle,” she says. “One of the assets I bring to the table is that my own lifestyle is similar to theirs.” Once she connects with clients on a personal level, De Lisi says, it is easier to assist them with their fashion needs. “My focus is never about how I want them to look,” she adds. “It’s about getting to know them, so I can help them put together a wardrobe that suits their personality, business, and lifestyle.”

Paul Stuart, 212.682.0320 ext. 551, www.paulstuart.com


Erin Ross, Ease Luxury Shopping Service

While working as a salesperson at Giorgio Armani in Beverly Hills, where she honed her styling skills by working with fashion editors and film wardrobers, Erin Ross discovered that customers enjoyed watching her coordinate outfits on the sales floor. Many even asked for her assistance in selecting their purchases. Realizing that personal shoppers who work with Armani receive a commission on what they purchase for their clients, she simply expanded that concept to include a few dozen additional stores in the Los Angeles area. Ross notes that most luxury retailers are willing to send clothing to a client’s home on consignment, and that a good personal shopper “has to offer benefits other than pick-up and delivery to be of service.”

Ease Luxury Shopping Service, 323.874.7467, www.easeshops.com

Micki Turner

Not all men who hire personal shoppers dislike shopping. Micki Turner has several Bay Area clients who travel the world, picking up a suit here and a pair of shoes there. “Some of my male customers have more clothing than any woman I’ve ever worked with,” says Turner, whose job involves coordinating what is already in a man’s closet as much as it does filling it. “One man, in particular, has a very good eye, but when he gets his purchases home he can’t figure out how to mix them together,” she says. “So I ask what he has going on for the week, then we look at the weather report, and I put together a week’s worth of outfits for him so he doesn’t have to think about it.” The key to working with any client, she says, is blending items from his existing wardrobe with new pieces to enhance his options and extend the life of his clothing.

Micki Turner, 510.287.9110, www.mickiturner.com

Suzanne Warner, Stanley Korshak

Suzanne Warner relishes the challenge of satisfying an unusual request. One client asked that all his slacks be customized to remove the back pockets, while another bought approximately 20 Armani suits and requested that half the trousers be tailored with cuffs to wear in the city and the rest with plain bottoms to accommodate the cowboy boots he wears when meeting clients in small towns. In another instance, Warner organized a photo shoot in a man’s home so he could be involved with photographing his wardrobe and organizing it on his computer. “It was fun for him,” says Warner, who helped file the clothing images by season and numerically. “He can call me anytime and say, ‘I want to replace pant number 86,’ and I know immediately that he is talking about the olive trousers.”

Stanley Korshak, 214.871.3794, www.stanleykorshak.com

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