Bally’s New Packable Outerwear for the Active Man

This packable travel jacket is stylish and versatile…

Photo by Stefano Saccani

“In cities across the world, guys are leaving the car behind and discovering the simple buzz of cycling,” says Michael Herz, a former creative director (with Graeme Fidler) of the Swiss menswear brand Bally. The ease and freedom of riding a bike—whether to the office or into the hills—is the inspiration for the brand’s new packable suede travel jacket, which is designed to keep the active wearer poised in all weather without having to change gear.

The jacket is made with Bally’s new Techno Suede fabric, which is tanned and treated with Teflon to retain its natural feel when it gets wet. The treatment also gives the fabric a more flexible and durable wear, so the jacket can be packed into its matching pouch (included) without creasing. Available only at Bally’s Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas boutiques, the packable jacket ($3,495) comes in red, blue, green, or tan and is filled with goose down to keep the wearer warm on the road in most weather conditions. (212.751.9082, www.bally.com)

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