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Beat the Winter Blues by Treating Yourself to a Snuggly Scarf from Begg & Co.

Wrap yourself in one of the brand’s handcrafted scarves to make stepping into frigid temps just a little bit easier.

The transformative power of the scarf is one that should not be underestimated. Enveloping yourself in a deliciously soft cashmere wrap can ease frigid winter weather in more ways than one—both by adding a necessary extra layer to protect your body from the elements and by giving you a snuggly mental boost that makes stepping out into below-freezing temperatures just a little more bearable. That’s why investing in a luxe scarf is key for getting through dreary days—and it’s an easy way to make your tired winter wardrobe feel brand-new.

For the ultimate mid-winter pick-me-up, treat yourself to a sumptuous scarf (or two) from Begg & Co. The brand has been making scarves, shawls, and blankets out of some of the world’s finest cashmeres and wools for over 150 years—still employing many of the time-honed weaving techniques today that its artisans pioneered in 1866. In Ayr, a small outpost on the rugged shores of Scotland’s west coast, many of the brand’s scarves are handcrafted out of up to 5 miles of yarn by the brand’s artisans, resulting in pieces that are sure to last season after season.

Start with the luxe 100 percent cashmere Arran Maynard scarf ($260), as the style’s soft and strong construction will keep even the most frigid winds at bay. Though the Arran style comes in a host of classic colors, we’re partial to the vibrant blue design shown here to add a much-needed dash of color to dark winter looks. For something that will transition into warmer temperatures, throw on the expertly ombréd Nuance ($500). The scarf’s washed cashmere fibers have all been hand-dyed and then manually fed into the loom, resulting in soft transitions from its mink-gray, burgundy, and navy-blue sections.


Come spring, reach for lighter styles like the subtly distressed Kishorn Soho ($390). Its blue-and-black colorway is a play on the classic pinstripe suit, making it easy to wear both at work and on the weekends. And, once it’s warm enough to leave the parka at home, tie the Wispy Hanover ($315) square scarf around your neck (or tuck it into a chest pocket) to add a chic dose of personality to laid-back looks. The style is 100 percent cashmere, so it’ll still add a little extra warmth if the breeze has a bit more bite than expected.

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