Widely regarded for its pioneering Jacket in a Box, a lightweight, fully unconstructed travel jacket introduced in 1996, Belvest is best known for its hybrid style of suit making that combines aspects of English and Neapolitan tailoring but with a lot less rigidity, structure, and formality. The company, based in Padova, Italy, is also one of Italy’s most progressive and innovative, creating myriad variations on the classic men’s sport coat on a seasonal basis. Most recently, the brand enjoyed success with its new Cash-co jacket made from a blend of bright-colored cashmere and cotton, as the name implies, as well as its new All Occasion cotton/linen leisure jacket outfitted with multiple pockets and other distinctive details. For spring 2010, the label continues to play on the wear-anytime sport coat with the launch of its new collection of colorful and sporty garment-dyed jackets. Like all Belvest suits and sport coats, the clothing is mostly machine made but with numerous hand-sewn details that make them a favorite of top designers and American luxury retailers, who often use the suit maker to produce their own signature products. Inside Information A signature of Belvest is to wash the hemp used to line its jackets. The washing stabilizes the material so it doesn’t shrink and alter the shape of the jacket during the construction process. Other signature details include double-besom pockets cut 5 millimeters wide—compared with the more standard 8 millimeters—for a younger, sleeker look. The company is also well-known for its garment pressing, which can consume as much as 25 percent of the production process to ensure every element of the jacket rests properly.

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