Best Of The Best 2006: Purple Heart

“My image is not just preppy, casual, elegant, or English,” Ralph Lauren explained recently, when asked about his Purple Label collection’s assorted elements—from a wool peacoat and hefty cashmere turtleneck to suede safari jackets and tweedy cashmere topcoats. “It is about all the worlds I believe in.” Although diverse, each of the collection’s components displays Lauren’s carefully contemplated focus on color, fabric texture, and shape. And as a whole, the collection reflects his penchant for fine tailoring and plush sportswear.

Purple Label’s wool chalk-striped suits and tweedy wool/alpaca plaid suits for fall all exhibit sharp, Savile Row–influenced, precision-cut hand tailoring. His sport coats, knitwear, and even neckwear (which recalls the wider shapes Lauren originated in the 1960s) are made from cashmere and cashmere blends colored with a rich, complementary loden palette.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label



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