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The 7 Los Angeles Style Fixers Every Guy Should Know About

From a top-notch tailor to the ultimate shoeshine, we've got you covered.

Hammer and Nails in Los Angeles Courtesy of Hammer & Nails

Desperate for a bespoke suit in a week? Spill Cognac in your private jet? Has your grandfather’s watch stopped? Some conundrums can’t be handled by a tech startup or even your average skilled technician. Certain tasks still require highly specialized experts. Here, your guide to fixers in Los Angeles… just in case.

The Denim Source

Ron Herman 01 (Slim Leg Fit) in a Huron (wash) style is crafted in Los Angeles from Japanese denim ($350)

Courtesy of Ron Herman

Ron Herman carries the full gamut of denim, including American, Italian and Japanese brands, edgy (Outerknown, S.M.N) as well as classic (Acne, J Brand). Ask for Joshua Willis: “We have such a wide range of brands that I’ve learned the cuts of all and wear them all myself,” he says. “I fit a wide variety of men all the time.” The in-store alterations tailor has been there 40 years. “He knows denim better than anyone and can give you the exact same hem as the original.” Need a pair tailored fast and delivered to your hotel? Worry not. Prices from $148.

The Tailor to Make You Look (a Bit) Slimmer

Bespoke tailor taking measurement


Aram Ninoyan of Marc Hart Tailoring in Beverly Hills (310.275.5733) is the go-to tailor for the LA boutiques of Tom Ford, Gucci and Chanel. He and his wife, Flora, have been in business for 23 years; he alters not only men’s suits but also leather and denim. He’s even confident he can make you look a few pounds lighter by clever tweaking of jackets and trousers. Prices vary depending on the level of work.

The In-Demand Tattoo Artist

Dr. Woo Tattoo Artist

Courtesy of Dr. Woo


Brian Woo, a.k.a. Dr. Woo, isn’t fond of name-dropping. But his celeb fans are fond of dropping his—and posting his exquisitely detailed black-and-white designs rendered in fine lines: Drake’s dad’s mug shot, Emilia Clarke’s trio of dragons, Kid Cudi’s hand constellation, Miley Cyrus’s vegemite can, Kevin Durant’s lower-leg saber-tooth tiger. After plying his steady hand for 12 years, Dr. Woo has built a diverse clientele at his private Hollywood studio, Hideaway at Suite X, including doctors, politicians and grandparents. Woo also does fashion collaborations and has an upcoming unisex skincare line. “I consider fashion to be what I do,” he says. Prices range from $1,200 to $20,000. (For appointments, info@drwoo.com or 323.785.7138.)

The Place to Go for Sunglasses

Sama Eyewear

Courtesy of Sama

Designer Sheila Vance founded her Sama collection in 1998 as what she calls “couture eyewear,” choosing every element—not only colors and materials but also nose pads and hinges—for each new collection. Sama creates 80 to 100 styles a year, all produced in Japan and sold in some 50 countries, with its flagship in LA’s luxe Century City mall. Known for innovation, Sama was early to unveil multicolored frames, matching frames and lenses, and specialty lenses that can range from colored mirrors to 24-karat yellow, white or rose gold. The company also specializes in custom eyewear on-screen and off, for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Steven Tyler, Gary Oldman, Colin Farrell and the royal family of Monaco. But you, too, can order Sama custom shades; they start at $10,000 and go up to $125,000, which is what one of the world’s most famous rappers paid for his. Collection prices range from $325 to $1,250.

The All-Round Groomer

Hammer and Nails in Los Angeles

Courtesy of Hammer and Nails

Hammer & Nails in West Hollywood (and dotted around the country) offers an eclectic and pampering variety of grooming services: haircuts, beard trims, gray camo, beard camo, shaves (for face and head), tea-tree pedicures, sports pedicures and hand and foot massages, all in a classic men’s-club environment of overstuffed leather chairs, noise-canceling headphones and whiskey shots—with zero bright lights in your face. Haircuts, shaves and manicures all start at $40.

The Creative Cobbler

Cobbler Pasquale Fabrizio

Courtesy of Pasquale Fabrizio

Pasquale Fabrizio brings four generations’ worth of knowledge to his work repairing and restoring leather, including shoes, bags, apparel and beyond. At his LA shop, he’ll shine and clean shoes one minute, then execute involved restoration and refinishing projects the next. Fabrizio has worked with brands such as Prada and Louboutin, re-created a pair of Muhammad Ali’s boxing shoes for Will Smith and crafted a pair of latex boots for Nicki Minaj (tempted?). “Luxury leather is like an artist’s canvas,” he says. Cleaning and shines start at $14; prices for restoration vary.

The Go-To Stylist

Ilaria Urbinati

Ilaria Urbinati

Rami Malek, Donald Glover, Ryan Reynolds—Hollywood guys with particular flare are often clients of stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who also works with CEOs and tech execs. She’s an expert at finding shapes to flatter each male body type. Urbinati has a thing for silk shirts and knit polos—neither of which is as frightening as you might think. “No peacocks! Effortless chic is the best look,” she says. Day rates, or by the project or outfit. (Contact Ilaria Urbinati via ridley@thewallgroup.com.)

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