Best Things First: Pet Groomer

If you bring your dog or cat for a grooming at Karen’s for People + Pets in Manhattan, don’t be surprised if he comes back to you sporting airs: While he was having his hair washed, clipped, and combed, he may have been hobnobbing with the pets of some very important people.

In business now for a quarter of a century, Karen’s for People + Pets grooms more than 10,000 pooches and pussycats every year. Show dogs come here for their toilettes, as do treasured family pets with no pedigree, and each is treated royally by owner Karen Thompson and her staff of groomers. And if your pet needs any accessories—leashes, collars, faux-fur jackets—Karen’s can oblige with, of course, only the best. Thompson is in the business for love, not money; she is active in several animal charities.


Karen’s for People + Pets



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