Bike to Boardroom

London’s Savile Row is known for its tailored clothing, not cycling gear. So when Rapha, the British brand known for its premium cycling clothing, approached bespoke tailor Timothy Everest about collaborating on a suit for the environmentally conscious gentleman who bikes to work, the suit maker saw an intriguing challenge.

This spring the unlikely duo introduced the first business-ready, three-piece suit ergonomically designed with cyclists in mind. Although the suit appears to be a classic Prince of Wales design, Everest has incorporated numerous hidden details including Rapha’s signature pink that allows it to go from bike to boardroom with ease. On the jacket the buttons are cut higher to keep it snug, and the sleeves can be turned down to extend them. The jacket also features turn-back lower flaps that button into the pockets to keep the legs clear while riding.  Likewise on the trousers, Everest has installed an extra button to hold the cuff and prevent it from interfering with the bike chain.  Even the fabric is ready to brave the elements. It is made from a proprietary wool yarn treated with nanotechnology to render it waterproof without affecting the soft hand. For now, the $3,500 suit is available by custom-order through the Timothy Everest’s London atelier or through Signature Cycles of Manhattan. (+44.207.377.5770, www.timothyeverest.com or SignatureCycles, 212.706.0025, www.signaturecycles.com)

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