The Canali family has been producing lightweight jackets, knitwear, sport shirts, casual trousers, and other sportswear items for years. But it wasn’t until the Milanese clothier launched its Exclusive collection three years ago that the brand developed a cohesive, colorful, and high-quality sportswear offering to match its distinctive suits and sport coats. Most recently the 75-year-old Italian clothing brand has rallied behind its innovative Kei jacket, a completely unlined cashmere blazer that wears like a sweater, which has influenced almost everything else in the collection. To that end, supple leather blouson jackets (some reversible to cashmere), blazers constructed as outerwear, vests and other knitwear have all been given an irresistibly soft touch.

Inside Information

When brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali launched their family brand in 1934, their primary focus was on creating high-quality raincoats. From the beginning they had one crucial rule that the Canali family, now run by the two founders’ grandchildren, has never strayed from: Everything must always be made in Italy in a sartorial manner, and only in the company’s own factories.

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