Cesare Attolini

By perpetually shrinking the armhole, tweaking the shoulders and lightening the construction on the quintessential Neapolitan-made suit invented by his father, Vincenzo, back in the 1930s, master tailor Cesare Attolini and his two sons, Giuseppe and Massimiliano, continue to show it’s possible to make a completely handmade garment fit like a second skin without sacrificing style or comfort in the process. Most recently the suit maker has been focused on double-faced cashmere sport jackets devoid of linings and shoulder pads that manage to retain their sartorial structure due to the proprietary tailoring technique used to create them.

Inside Information

The high-notch lapel is an Attolini signature and a good barometer of a handmade suit, since no machine can sew a notch this high and close to the circular curve of the collar. Be prepared to pay more and wait as long as six months for your initial order, since the small Naples-based factory is operated by true craftsmen more concerned with quality than quantity.

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