Concierges’ Guide to London: Shopping: Men’s Fashion

Photo by Guy Hills

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ANDERSON & SHEPPARD A member of the Savile Row Bespoke tailors, this outfit is popular with “American clientele” for its “trendy” cuts. But “service is what sets them apart.” (MDC, AH, BM) +44.20.7734.1420, www.anderson-sheppard.co.uk

BERLUTI This fourth-generation “contemporary” shoemaker creates the “best shoes in the world.” The “made-to-measure” process begins with “a cast of your foot in wood,” which is stored at the shop. “Whenever you need more shoes, you can go online, choose what you want, and they will be made to your foot.” Or “pick up a ready-made pair.” Two locations. (MDC, AD, MW) Conduit Street, +44.20.7437.1740; Harriet Street, +44.20.7823.2300; www.berluti.com

BOURDON HOUSE, THE LONDON HOME OF ALFRED DUNHILL Flagship store of the luxury brand that “epitomizes men’s dress, from sports clothes to evening wear” and from “raincoats to tweed jackets.” Set in the former Mayfair residence of the Duke of Westminster, the shop “can dress you for any occasion” and offers “everything from bobby spotters that people used to wear when driving a car to all kinds of weird and wonderful men’s gadgets.” (MB, AD, AH, CS, ST) +44.84.5458.0779, www.dunhill.com/en-cn/thehomes/london/

DEGE & SKINNER Bespoke tailoring and ready-to-wear shirts on Savile Row. Clients include “a few members of the royal family, the Sultan of Oman, and our doormen’s coats—which cost 3,000 pounds each.” (ST) +44.20.7287.2941, www.dege-skinner.co.uk

DENMAN & GODDARD Just off Savile Row on St. George Street is this “traditional English tailor” that offers “more personal” service than most. “There are three tailors, and they’ve done suits for royalty all over the world. They’ve never sold out.” (MW) +44. 20.7629.8668, www.denman-goddard.co.uk

GIEVES & HAWKES From “bespoke suits” to “ready-to-wear,” this “quintessentially British” tailor and men’s shop has a “very knowledgeable” staff and a “traditional” ?selection—plus a “prime address” at 1 Savile Row. (MDC, AD, GM, CS, MW) +44.20.7434.2001, www.gievesandhawkes.com

G.J. CLEVERLEY & CO. A “bit of a secret,” this “very exclusive” bespoke and ready-to-wear shoe shop in the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street attracts a smart clientele of “CEOs and celebrities.” “Everybody knows John Lobb, but this is the guy you want to know.” (MB, ST) +44.20.7493.0443, www.gjcleverley.co.uk

HARRYS OF LONDON A “good shoemaker for ready-to-wear styles” and “classic, contemporary” bespoke shoes. For clients “who want something a little bit different and not your everyday Oxford, but still top quality.” Two locations in Mayfair. (AD, AH) Burlington Arcade, +44.20.7499.9320; South Audley Street, +44.20.7409.7988; www.harrysoflondon.com

HARVEY NICHOLS “You can’t go wrong” with this Knightsbridge department store that offers “the best” selection of designer labels over eight floors. “It’s got every designer under one roof,” and, because it’s “smaller than Harrods,” it’s “easier to get around.” Also features a “much cooler range of casual” designers. (AH, MW) +44.20.7235.5000, www.harveynichols.com

HARVIE & HUDSON Family-owned menswear company with four locations. “They have their own materials, and they make their own shirts, so you can have a shirt in whatever material you want.” Also find accessories, socks, silk ties, and silk pajamas, among other items. (MDC) +44.20.7930.3949, www.harvieandhudson.com

HENRY POOLE & CO. A nearly 200-year-old “traditional” tailor on Savile Row that has been “making uniforms and suits since the time of Wellington.” Holds claim to having designed a smoking jacket for the Prince of Wales in 1860, which inspired the creation of the tuxedo. (MB, MDC) +44.20.7734.5985, www.henrypoole.com

HUNTSMAN This Savile Row shop is instantly recognizable for the two stag’s heads at the front entrance. “They’ve been around for 160 years” and today employ a team of more than 30 cutters, tailors, and sales staff. The shop “also does women’s bespoke tailoring.” (MC, BM) +44.20.7734.7441, www.h-huntsman.com

JAMES SMITH & SONS Established in 1830, this “beautiful and charming” specialty shop near the British Museum sells “wonderfully crafted” umbrellas, walking sticks, shoehorns, and accessories. (BM, GM) +44.20.7836.4731, www.james-smith.co.uk

JEFFERY-WEST “Beautiful shoes” inspired by Gothic and Victorian Gothic Revival architecture. The Piccadilly Arcade store also has “great accessories,” including cobra-head wooden walking canes and black snake-leather briefcases. (BM) +44.16.0460.2075, www.jeffery-west.co.uk

JOHN LOBB “Pure quality” is the name of the game at this exclusively made-to-measure shoe shop on St. James’s Street. “Well known” for “very classical” and “unique” footwear that “lasts for years.” “All men should have a pair of John Lobb shoes.” (MB, MDC, AD, AH, BM, GM, CS) +44.20.7930.3664, www.johnlobbltd.co.uk

NORTON & SONS “Handmade suits” at this Savile Row tailor that has clothed the royal households of Austria, Denmark, Italy, Prussia, Spain, and the UK, as well as three U.S. presidents. “They really look after the guest and have great service.” (MDC, BM, CS) +44.20.7437.0829, www.nortonandsons.co.uk

OLIVER SWEENEY This “very cool” shoe brand has “become massive in the last 20 years.” Find “high quality” paired with “cool, modern designs.” Three locations. (MW) +44.80.0622.6030, www.oliversweeney.com

TURNBULL & ASSER Men’s fashion bastion on Jermyn Street that has clothed royalty and other British gentlemen for more than 125 years. Known for “service, quality, and attention to detail,” but most renowned for bespoke shirts. “They make, without a doubt, the best shirts. No one can touch Turnbull & Asser for shirts.” (MDC, BM) +44.20.7808.3000, www.turnbullandasser.com

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