Cruciani C Bracelets: Watch the Wrist

The bracelets of Cruciani C transcend age, class and gender. Never before has a fashion trend been so accessible and luxe at the same time. Maestro Andrea Bocelli teams one with his tux during the inauguration concert of Expo 2015 in the Piazza Del Duomo of Milan.  Music impresario Pharrell Williams wears them by the armload. Beyonce layers them like a rainbow, and Rita Ora rocks them.

Born from the company’s long tradition in lace and embroidery, the macrame bracelets from Cruciani C come not only in every color imaginable, but any style you can dream of, from the four-leaf clover, zodiac signs to super heroes. There is one — or more — for everyone. Cool, affordable ($20) and chic, the bracelets are 100 percent Italian, made in the factories of Trevi that also produce the brand’s luxurious cashmere, wool, silk and cotton knitwear. Here the ancestral art of working with highly precious yarns is transformed into timeless garments.

For more information, please visit www.crucianic.com.

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