Many have tried to duplicate the intricacies involved in creating Dolcepunta designer Rolando Scapellato’s 11-fold neckties, a complex folding operation whereby two large panels of silk are sewn together and folded onto each other 11 times. Nevertheless, no other tie maker has achieved such perfection. Crucial to the design is the precise weight of the silk fabric—from 2.8 ounces to 4.4 ounces—to ensure that the excess folding doesn’t add to the weight of the tie. Furthermore, unlike a typical necktie made from three pieces of silk, Scapellato’s distinctive Soft Point ties are constructed from four pieces sewn strategically at the neck to prevent the tie from stretching.

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Scapellato spent more than 17 years making neckwear for Brioni before launching his own collection in 2002. For a sure sign of a well-made tie, he suggests flipping over any Dolcepunta patterned necktie to see how the design kisses precisely down the center seam.

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