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Dream Weaver

Suit makers have been touting the benefits of cashmere sport coats for decades, but now Scabal, the Belgian cloth maker, has made cashmere acceptable for suit making as well with the creation of Dreamline, a worsted spun fabric. What makes this unique from regular woolen cashmere is its time-honored manufacturing process. Worsted fabrics are made by removing the natural crimp of the raw fiber and combing the longest strands so they lie parallel to one another, then twisting them together to get a smooth, tight yarn that is later woven into cloth. Unlike woolen cashmere, which is loftier and made with the natural crimp of the fiber intact, worsted cashmere is finer and therefore less prone to pilling. It also retains its crispness, elegance, and luster longer. What differentiates Scabal’s Dreamline from other worsted cloth is its weight (at 280 grams it can be considered a year-round cashmere), its richness of color, and the fact it is specifically made for suits rather than the typical cashmere blazer. Luxury clothiers such as Brioni, Santandrea, and D’Avenza have all bought the cloth to create pure cashmere suits, which start around $12,000. Dreamline is also available through many custom tailors nationwide. (415.260.6118, www.scabal.com)

—William Kissel

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