Driven by Design

When Porsche Design Group set out to introduce a signature sports collection in collaboration with Adidas three years ago, the goal was to build a premium clothing and accessories line with the precision engineering of a fine automobile. Now encompassing five disciplines–Water/Snow, Running/Fitness, Driving, Golf, and Tennis–the new fall collection is both comprehensive and highly functional and, above all, the most technically innovative. For example, Porsche’s new Comfort Mapping Jacket ($1,050), part of the new Water/Snow line, is constructed as if it were a map of the human body, each part with its own climate zone. Because the arms and shoulders process temperatures differently than, say, the chest or back, the jacket combines various layers of weather-resistant Gore-Tex fabric–some thick, some thin–on different parts of the garment to increase breathability, comfort, warmth, and fit precisely where the body needs it most.

Similarly, the new Driving Close sneaker ($360), part of a new collection of driving gear, is made of full-grain leather and features a breathable mesh tongue and driving-specific low-profile outsole that helps the foot better adhere to the pedals. Equally creative is the brand’s new ergonomically designed P’5660 nylon sports bag ($360), which boasts leather handles and titanium hardware. Such features, along with the sleek designs, earned Porsche Design Studios this year’s Plus X award in the European design competition that highlights the best of technology and sport.  (www.porsche-design.com)

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