E. Marinella

Anyone who has ever spent time in Naples, Italy, is aware of E. Marinella, the tiny bayside shop on busy Riviera di Chiaia that often has lines of shoppers waiting to get inside to peruse the company’s limited-edition neckties. Opened in 1914 by Eugenio Marinella, the business is run today by his grandson, Maurizio, who personally selects the thousands of conservative British-style neats, foulards, and regimental stripe patterns created by English weavers in Kent exclusively for the tie maker. All of Marinella’s ties are cut, folded (from 6 to 11 folds), and hand sewn by in-house seamstresses, some of whom have been with the company for five decades, and feature interior linings that are slightly beefier than most ties to allow them to hang just so. Moreover, nearly 70 percent of them are made for bespoke customers.

Inside Information

Over the years the label on E. Marinella ties has changed. From the 1960s to the 1980s the E, for Eugenio, was dropped and Marinella was written in bold capital letters. After 1980 the label returned to its original cursive design, complete with the founder’s first initial.

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