Edgy Luggage from Alexander McQueen

Rock and roll–inspired suitcases feature Alexander McQueen’s signature skull motif…

Famed luxury-luggage designer Globe-Trotter has partnered with Alexander McQueen to design a limited-edition, two-piece collection of suitcases: the 21-inch trolley case and the 13-inch utility case. Handcrafted by Globe-Trotter in Hertfordshire, England, both pieces of luggage are decorated in silver studs that transform the black canvas into a chic piece of art. The interior is lined with the iconic Alexander McQueen ivory-and-black skull print, while a leather strap embossed with McQueen’s logo adds extra security to the trolley and a cross-body strap to the utility case. The leather-clochette-encased keys—stamped with the Globe-Trotter logo—accompany the silver skull padlock, added for extra security. The 21-inch trolley case is priced at about $2,500 while the 13-inch utility case is about $1,080. Both pieces are available for purchase online. (globe-trotter.com)

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