Elements of Style

The designer Franco Eyramian’s buffalo-horn sunglasses (top, $3,500; middle and bottom, $5,500 each) lend polish to even the most casual beachwear. Featuring dramatic architectural lines that hark back to the glamorous days of old Hollywood, each pair in the Luxuriator collection is made by hand, using several thin layers of horn that are pressed together to give the frames texture and depth of color. Custom pairs are available in a range of designs and colors and are delivered in eight to 10 weeks. Luxuriator by Franco, 310.274.4494, www.luxuriatorcollection.com —Jill Newman

Another essential for any well-dressed beachgoer comes from Gianluca Isaia, the chairman of the Italian tailored-clothing brand Isaia. He was vacationing on the Amalfi Coast when inspiration struck. “I was exploring the beaches of Le Sirenuse and imagining what they would have been like in their heyday,” says the designer, who has a home in nearby Capri. The result of that reverie, this pair of polka-dot nylon swim shorts ($225), evokes the spirit of Italian beach attire in the 1950s—but with a contemporary, slim fit. “This,” Isaia says, “is what I will be wearing in Capri and the islands this summer.” Isaia, 212.245.3733, www.isaia.it —J.N.

For most fine timepieces, a day at the beach is anything but, well, a day at the beach; salt water and sand can have deleterious effects. But the all-encompassing rubber coating on Corum’s Admiral’s Cup Challenger

44 Chrono Rubber ($8,900) makes the watch the perfect accessory for a tropical getaway. Thanks to an advanced injection-molding technique, a thin, waterproof matte membrane sheathes the watch’s 12-sided case without concealing its intricate details. And while the case provides the actual water resistance, the rubber layer adds the feel and attitude of a wet suit, and a fashionable one at that: Corum has updated its bold color schemes every year since the watch was released in 2011. Corum, 954.279.1750, www.corum.ch —James D. Malcolmson

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