Esquivel Creates Personalized Leather Goods

Ever since George Esquivel launched his signature footwear label more than a decade ago, the Orange County, California–based bespoke shoemaker has crafted everything from exotic-skin brogues with flaming leather patches to a one-of-a-kind collection of car shoes (in collaboration with Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum) in the fire-hot color combinations of vintage roadsters and racers. Now Esquivel is igniting a new phase of his bespoke business with the unveiling of his premier line of leather goods incorporating his clients’ personalized signatures artistically burned into every design.

Each piece, including a portfolio, computer case, passport holder, and notepad, is meticulously handmade from a range of leathers—Norwegian or French calf, Italian kangaroo, vintage crocodile—and can be personalized in a multitude of colors and finishes. The signature burning process, says Esquivel, is similar to a monogram or signature embroidered on a man’s shirt and actually evolved as an offshoot of a similar concept the company offers with its custom footwear. “For awhile we’ve offered a service where we take a photo of someone’s tattoo and, using a hot pen, burn a similar design inside his shoes,” he says, noting that the process is tricky and conceivably costly “because if you burn the leather and it doesn’t come out right, you have to make the design all over again.”

Although each piece can be ordered individually, Esquivel says the leather goods are actually conceived as a matched set and are group priced from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the skin and the amount of customization desired. Delivery time requires from six to eight weeks. (714.670.2200, www.esquivelshoes.com)

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