Eton Launches The Season’s Most Unexpected Shirt Experience

The Swedish shirt maker blurs the line between digital and physical with its Eton Style Carousel...

Swedish shirt maker Eton blurs the line between the digital and physical space by presenting Eton Style Carousel, this season’s most unexpected shirt experience. The beautifully crafted shirt installation  launched globally at stylecarousel.etonshirts.com.

Earlier in April, Eton Style Carousel was unveiled at Sweden’s most prestigious department store, Nordiska Kompaniet. During one week it made a huge success when thousands of visitors took their style for a spin. Now Eton is making the unique experience accessible from anywhere n the world through a digital campaign, launching at stylecarousel.etonshirts.com.

 “In the physical retail space the Eton Style Carousel proved to be a bigger success than we had ever hoped for. We are now very excited to be able to bring the experience to the entire world through the digital campaign,” says Johan Falk, Global Marketing Director at Eton.

Eton Style Carousel is an interactive installation where traditional Swedish craftsmanship meets creative technology. The physical machine is built in ash wood and polished brass to display the product, alongside innovative technology to control it. The playful experience offers an intriguing interaction between product and customer.

The online experience allows users to seamlessly interact with the machine, and if luck is on their side, win the shirts. Besides displaying a curated selection of shirts including everything from soft floral prints and linen to business styles and denim, the site gives an insight on how the actual installation was created.

“The Style Carousel brings together two of Eton’s most inherent strengths; innovation and diversity in our wide range of premium shirts. I hope that our global audience will perceive this initiative as a rewarding, fun and unexpected experience,” says Johan Falk.

The digital campaign is up and spinning at stylecarousel.etonshirts.com until May 20.

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