Farbod Barsum Couture Exotics Debuts Pirarucu Totes

Designer Farbod Barsum creates sustainably sourced exotic skin handbags and accessories for clients spanning from international Royalty to celebrities and socialites. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Beverly Hills-based design house is proud to launch a new material debuting in the exotic skin world, Pirarucu fish skin. Pirarucu is the world’s largest freshwater fish harvested from the Amazon river in Brazil.

This gorgeous and texturally vibrant material has been transformed by the designer’s eponymous fashion house into luxurious tote bags that are trimmed in matching Ostrich leg. The ostrich leg trim is also sourced using the same sustainable farming and tanning practices. Pirarucu fish leather is astonishingly thick, similar to cowhide and durable making the naturally occurring pattern both visually alluring and pragmatic. Each piece is hand crafted by master artisans in the US and marked with an individual serial number to guarantee authenticity.

For more information, please visit www.farbodbarsum.com or email farbod@farbodbarsum.com.

Farbod Barsum: 9456 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210  310-276-9456

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