Fashion Meets Function

Alfredo Argiro, the quirky Italian designer of the Avon Celli cashmere collection, had airline baggage restrictions on his mind when he created his innovative Kit Box. The clear Plexiglas box contains four knit shirts, 16 detachable collars, and four bow ties designed to create a multitude of wearable options. “We used a lot of the old stitching techniques from the 1920s as well as the interchangeable collars of the past, and tried to project them into the future,” says Argiro. The inspiration came from Avon Celli founder Pasquale Celli who, in 1922, originated the polo shirt by sewing a woven collar onto a three-button knit pullover. The Kit Box expands on that idea by offering such classics as a zip-neck pullover, a polo shirt, and a woven sport shirt that can change personalities depending on how the wearer combines them with collar options. Plus, it’s more efficient to pack a few extra collars rather than numerous shirts for a trip. Each Kit Box contains knit shirts made of superlight cotton woven on antique 36-gauge English looms, the same looms once used to produce ladies silk stockings, in navy, gray, light gray, and white. The $4,625 kit is available by special order from Massimo Bizzocchi/NYC, 212.675.4055. ( www.avoncelli.com)

—William Kissel

Photo credit: Stefano Jesi

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