For Men Only: Martial Vivot Salon

Many men will attest that getting a haircut can be a real buzz-kill. But, the dapper Frenchman Martial Vivot is making it a luxurious experience in New York. His year-old Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes offers men a calm refuge with a full range of services—cuts, dyes, straightening, face and head shaves, manicures and pedicures, right down to a shoe shine—all with razor-sharp precision. “We like to think of this place as a clubhouse for men,” says Vivot, who can often be found donning a three-piece Givenchy suit while at work with his scissors. An extra bonus is the discerning style advice he gives to those gentleman savvy enough to have sought out his chair. “We have the right environment to provide male customers with any type of service without the chemical smell and the high-pitched acoustics that you get in a women’s salon.” (212.956.2990, martialvivot.com)

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