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Frescobol Carioca and Johannes Huebl Teamed Up for the Perfect 3-Day Weekend Wardrobe

The tailored pieces are office-appropriate, too.

Huebl, photographed in Rio de Janiero, wearing a camp-collar shirt and chinos from his collaboration with Frescobol Carioca Frescobol Carioca

These early days of September once brought an annual wardrobe migration: out with the light and breezy, in with your back-to-school best. But thanks to loosening dress codes—and on a less cheery note, global warming—the concept of a seasonal wardrobe is looking rather old-fashioned. Nowadays, there’s a whole world of relaxed tailored clothing that keeps that summer feelin’ alive all year long. Which is why now’s a pretty prime time for Anglo-Brazilian beachwear favorite Frescobol Carioca to release its collaboration with neo-dandy Johannes Huebl, a collection of tailored clothing with a strong scent of sea air.

The collaboration marks Frescobol Carioca’s first foray into tailoring since it launched in 2013. In the years since, the brand’s bossa nova-inflected swim trunks have become a mainstay at stylish lidos from Mustique to Mykonos. German-born Huebl began his career as a model and is now known as one of the best-dressed men off the catwalk, favoring a mix of sartorial polish with a very modern sense of ease—think double-breasted suits with tees and sneakers. Already a fan of Frescobol Carioca’s swimwear and linen shirts, he was a fitting man for the job.

Huebl, photographed in Rio de Janiero, wearing a cabana stripe linen shirt, seersucker jacket and trousers from the new collection.

Huebl, photographed in Rio de Janeiro, wearing a cabana stripe linen shirt ($295), seersucker jacket ($545) and trousers ($290) from the new collection.  Frescobol Carioca

“They liked the way I wore their pieces so they approached me, they wanted my take on introducing tailored pieces into the collection,” Huebl tells us, noting how versatility was a top priority for the new designs. “A lot of these things are interchangeable and can be combined with each other…it’s the ideal three-day weekend away collection.”

Indeed, the lineup reads like a packing list for a very well-attired holiday: deconstructed blazers in linen and seersucker, denim and military shirts, tropical cotton chinos and, of course, a couple great swimsuits. Huebl’s personal favorite is a rakish cream-colored linen DB blazer with surprising range: “You can combine it with any color: blue, green, any shades of beige look fantastic. It’s such a cool look.” Another unexpected standout is the camp-collared shirt, a style Huebl admits he hadn’t ever tried despite its recent proliferation. Frescobol Carioca’s is crafted from Tencel, a sustainable material derived from wood pulp with a soft, silky hand.


“I put this one on and it was really nice and casual but also elegant,” he says. “You’re immediately like ‘Oh, I look like James Bond in the 70s.’”

Huebl, photographed in Rio de Janiero, wearing a military shirt, left, and his favorite blazer, denim shirt and chinos from the capsule.

Huebl wearing a military shirt (left, $250) and his favorite blazer ($615) and denim shirt ($285) from the capsule.  Frescobol Carioca

As a frequent flier, Huebl drew on his personal experience to ensure the collection offered an array of pieces to suit any number of the destinations he frequents, from cities like Milan and London to the beaches of Positano or Miami. “I’m flying to the Amalfi Coast tomorrow [Huebl was in Germany to attend his brother’s wedding]. The cream blazer, the linen shirt, the swim trunks are perfect for that,” he says. “If I’m going to Los Angeles, I’ll take the seersucker blazer, the navy trousers and wear a T-shirt with it.”

Given his mileage status, what are Huebl’s go-to’s for a getaway? Unsurprisingly, he has packing down to a science: “Shorts, T-shirts, Linen shirts, espadrilles and two-three sneakers—my favorites are from Santoni. I always travel in a blazer, so I have at least one item that’s a little bit more pulled together, and always pack one cashmere sweater…You never know if I’ll get cold or my wife gets cold. Unfortunately, luggage does get delayed. I’ve learned my lesson and always have one outfit in my carryon, something I can survive in.” Aside from sneakers and a sweater, Frescobol Carioca has you covered on all fronts. Even if the only travel on the books this fall is to and from the office, these pieces make holiday vibes everyday-appropriate.

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