Front Runners August 2015: Evolving Threads

Hickey Freeman continues to release tailored clothing with a more contemporary look...

This is a new era for Hickey Freeman (hickeyfreeman.com), a brand founded in 1899 in Rochester, N.Y., where it still produces its tailored clothing. Its traditional suits, which have been worn by U.S. presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and George H.W. Bush, have been updated with lighter-weight canvas linings, natural-sloping shoulders, and slimmer silhouettes. The brand’s more contemporary look is exemplified by the velvet dinner jacket ($1,595) and wool flannel trousers ($350) shown here. Hickey Freeman’s expanded offering of fabrics includes additional super-lightweight Loro Piana wools, wrinkle-resistant materials, and vicuña. 

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