Front Runners May 2015: Make A Splash

Elements of Style...

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson

This season’s men’s swimwear includes fresh alternatives to baggy trunks and loud prints. You will find bathing suits that feature sartorial construction, performance fabrics, or refined prints, or a combination of those elements. The Onia Charles swim trunks ($195, onia.com) are made from a quick-dry nylon fabric that is abraded with sandpaper to achieve a worn look; a stretch fabric and magnetic closure distinguish the Mackeene N5 swim shorts ($190, mackeene.us); the Thorsun Mata trunks ($275, thorsun.com) are tailored like trousers and feature deep pockets; and the colorfully patterned Turquese Belvedere Senape shorts ($250, turquese.com) feature the brand’s signature turquoise-colored cord and engraved and hand-painted button on the rear pocket.  


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