FrontRunners: Bugatti Safe, Billiard Table, Stainless Steel Cuff

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First we had the Bugatti Veyron watch from Parmigiani—coinciding with the introduction of the $1.2 million Bugatti 16.4 Veyron supercar—and now comes the Safe Bugatti. Manufactured by Stockinger (stockinger.com), it features a brushed aluminum interior with LED lighting, drawers lined with the same type of leather found in the Veyron’s cockpit, and the same two-tone color combinations available for the car. Stockinger will produce only 100 of the safes, which stand 4 feet tall and cost $130,000—without options that include intruder, noise, and seismic detectors and an anchorage system that will sound an alarm if it is broken. The safe also can be equipped with a GPS device that will track it should it go missing. What to put inside it? “Well,” ventures Bugatti Beverly Hills president Ehren Bragg, “for those who own a Veyron, perhaps their car keys.” . . . Former industrial designer Mariana Sammartino fashions jewelry by manipulating metal into unlikely forms, including the pictured stainless steel cuff, which is set with small diamonds in its fine crevices. For such a piece, Sammartino begins with a sheet of stainless steel or 24-karat gold and shapes the metal into delicate, organza-like layers or floral blooms. She says that men in particular gravitate to her designs: “They are surprised by the texture and lightness of the metal.” Look for her work at Aaron Faber Gallery in New York (aaronfaber.com) and Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco (velvetdavinci.com). . . .


In 1912, Brunswick Billiards (brunswickbilliards.com) published a catalog that included a charming example of wishful advertising: two young ladies playing billiards while wearing elbow-length gloves. Customers who purchased the Marquette pool table pictured in that ad likely would have found this amusing, as many of those models, which Brunswick offered from 1912 to 1915, ultimately were utilized by decidedly less-refined players. Few Marquettes have survived, but the company recently produced a limited edition of 160 replicas, fashioning them from rare Italian olive wood and embellishing them with ebony and mother-of-pearl insets. Brunswick offers the 1,150-pound tables in 8-foot ($23,500) and 9-foot ($24,500) lengths and will pair either version with a matching bar ($13,500). The tables also come with a print of the advertisement showing the gloved ladies. . . .

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