FrontRunners: Defensible Fashion

Most concealable holsters and shoulder rigs are utilitarian products made for law enforcement, accessories that will definitely clash with your handmade superfine wool suit. However, Galco International (800.USGALCO or www.usgalco.com), a gun holster maker in Phoenix, Ariz., has a line of concealable holsters that offer security without offending your fashion sensibility.

Galco has long made custom holsters and rigs in traditional Western style, but it also produces an Exotic Concealables line made from top-grade alligator, shark, ostrich, and stingray skins. The hides can be tanned and dyed to complement any wardrobe. The holster design is contoured to the natural profile of your hips, which makes the holster more comfortable to wear and less obvious under a jacket or sweater.

Each holster is custom-made and wet-molded around an aluminum model of your handgun, producing an exact fit. Inside, the same grade of pre-mium, hand-burnished leather used for cordovan shoes lines every holster. After assembly, all of the holster edges go through seven stages of hand sanding and polishing on a jeweler’s wheel to produce a glass-smooth surface.

Galco also makes matching dress belts with sterling silver, 14-karat, or 18-karat gold buckle sets. A matching extra magazine carrier for semiautomatic pistols completes the ensemble.

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