FrontRunners: Making Scents

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Clive Christian, creator of an eponymous collection of rarefied perfumes ( and owner of England’s 161-year-old The Crown Perfumers Co., claims to be selling the world’s most expensive scent. The perfumery will custom-blend personal fragrances starting at $45,000 for a 30-milliliter bottle.

Christian says it is the exotic, natural ingredients that make his fragrances so costly. “To make a great soufflé, a chef must start with only the best ingredients, otherwise it will be a flop,” says Christian, who recently visited New York to introduce his newest fragrance, No. 1, at select stores, including Bergdorf Goodman.

No. 1 blends exotic elements such as sandalwood and Indian jasmine, which for centuries has been considered a powerful aphrodisiac.  The women’s scent includes bergamot, lime, mandarin, and white peach essence for a spicy, floral scent, while the men’s fragrance exudes a woodsy aroma with cardamom oil, cedar wood, and Mexican Vanilla planifolia. “The fragrance combines with a person’s own body chemistry to produce something that is gentle, natural, and exudes the essence of the wearer,” says Christian.

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