FrontRunners: Printed and Cuffed

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The problem with monogrammed cuff links is that your initials are not unique. Your fingerprints, however, are. While experimenting with wax for his jewelry, James de Givenchy, of James de Givenchy for Taffin, gently squeezed a wax ball between his fingers and produced a perfect fingerprint—which he then cast in 18-karat gold and made into cuff links. “They’re subtle and elegant, yet sentimental,” says de Givenchy, whose custom James de Givenchy for Taffin fingerprint cuff links (212.421.6222) in gold sell for $4,500. “Over time, the gold acquires a patina that deepens the grooves of the fingerprint.”

A client of de Givenchy’s recently had both her sons cast their fingerprints in wax so that he could create a pair of cuff links as a gift for her husband. “You can’t get much more personal than an individual’s fingerprint,” says de Givenchy. “No two are the same.”

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