FrontRunners: Sizing it Up

An extra inch here or there can make an enormous difference, especially when it comes to the fit of a man’s necktie. The problem is, the average 55- to 58-inch necktie with a 3.25-inch blade is too short and narrow for the majority of tall and wide American men. Worn properly, the tip of the tie should rest in the center of your belt buckle. To help larger men achieve the proper fit, Asprey (800.883.2777, www.asprey.com), the London-based luxury goods maker, recently introduced a made-to-measure tie service at its shops in London, New York, and Beverly Hills. A well-proportioned tie should harmonize with a man’s height, neck, chest, and waist size, and the tie’s color should complement his complexion. Asprey has considered all of these elements, beginning with hundreds of solid satin, silk stripe, foulard, and basket-weave patterns. A gentleman is then free to select from three different tie lengths—58, 61, or 65 inches—and three blade widths—3.25, 3.5, and 4 inches—to suit his stature. “We’ve tried to optimize what we believe are standard sizes within the world of bespoke,” says Asprey’s U.S. CEO, Bob Donofrio. “But if someone comes in and wants it to be a quarter-inch shorter or wider, we can certainly do that, too.”

Bespoke ties start at $195 and require from four to six weeks for delivery.

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