FrontRunners: Tie Game

Color has always been a key characteristic of noticeable neckwear, but brilliant inspiration can come from disparate sources. Before the Forbes collection of imperial Easter eggs returned home to Russia last spring, Peter Carl Fabergé’s work inspired a collection of silk neckwear by Robert Stewart. The handmade Fabergé neckties (973.751.5151), which retail for about $115 apiece at Neiman Marcus, are created from artwork based on the designs of the 55 original eggs. The numbered ties, produced in limited editions of 150, are woven and screen-printed in brilliant jewel-tone colors in Como, Italy—but not until the designs have been approved by Géza von Habsburg, considered the world’s foremost authority on Fabergé history.

Danielle Wallace (917.655. 3485), on the other hand, acquired her kaleidoscopic view of design from her native Australia, “where the colors just seem brighter for some reason,” she says. She describes her Italian-made eponymous collection as “old-world but with a rebellious, pop-star twist.” She is also testing a more earthy palette for businessmen who prefer to make a quieter fashion statement. This holiday season, Wallace will introduce a collection of tartans ($130 apiece) made from heavy silk that will be sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman Men. 

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