Frost Creates Bespoke Bags with a Story to Tell

Jed Frost’s customizable bags are one-of-a-kind by design…

Inspired by a customized bag that was given to him by his wife—it was inscribed with his collegiate basketball-jersey number and lined with fabric from a favorite pair of pajama pants—Jed Frost founded Frost, a company that creates personalized bags representing customers’ unique passions and experiences. Based in Lexington, Ky., Frost employs a team of local artisans to handcraft its one-of-kind bags. Each commission begins with a client interview, eliciting the customer’s lifestyle and personal interests. The resulting design concept is then presented to Frost’s design team to execute. The bags range in style from handbags and briefcases to larger messenger bags and totes, and are fitted with accessories based on the customer’s needs, including legal pads and sunglass cases. Significant numbers, dates, sentimental heirlooms—from baby blankets to hand-me-down leather jackets—and favorite colors are incorporated into the bags, which can be made in alligator and crocodile skins or more traditional leathers. Frost also frequently brands each design with a custom-made logo to specifically represent the buyer. The bags range in price from $6,000 all the way up to $75,000 for elaborate commissions. They are completed within two to five months and come with a lifetime warranty. (573.289.1471, onebagonestory.com)

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