10 Linen Shirts to Keep You Feeling—and Looking—Cool This Summer

Shirts that are as fuss-free as a tee but far more polished.

Linen shirts from Brunello Cucinelli, Orlebar Brown and Bode MyTheresa, Orlebar Brown

As lovely as it would be to just live in T-shirts all summer long, there are situations where we have to (and maybe want to) look a bit nicer. The season’s heat, however, can make wearing proper shirts a less than pleasant experience. But all it takes is the choice of a lighter material to find summer shirting nirvana.

Linen has gotten a bad rap for how fussy it can be to care for (i.e. having to iron it a lot) but that’s largely a misconception. Don’t fight the wrinkle! Linen looks best when it’s been lived in. Plus, linen has aged down a bit in recent years, which means the shirts are more stylish than the fusty iterations you may have seen your Dad wearing on vacation. With patterns like tie-dye and breezy camp-collared silhouettes, there’s a version of this warm weather essential to suit every taste.

To help you cool down, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite linen shirts that you can dress up or down depending on the circumstance. Here are the best ones to buy now.

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